Chapter 3. AspectJ Browser

Table of Contents

Building Programs
Build Configurations
Compiling a Program Build Configuration
Navigating Program Structure
Example: Exploring the "Spacewar" sample code
Running Programs
Isolating problems running the AspectJ browser
Known issues with the AspectJ browser
AspectJ Browser questions and bugs


AJBrowser presents a GUI for compiling programs with ajc and navigating crosscutting structure.

The AspectJ Browser can edit program source files, compile using the AspectJ compiler ajc run a program, and graphically navigate the program's crosscutting structure. For more information on ajc, see The ajc Command-line Reference.

Launch the browser from the command line either by typing "ajbrowser" to invoke the script in {aspectj}/bin (if AspectJ is installed correctly) or by using the aspectjtools.jar directly, and specifying no arguments or some number of build configuration files (suffix .lst):

  java -jar aspectj1.1/lib/aspectjtools.jar aspectj1.1/doc/examples/spacewar/debug.lst