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Development build

Build date November, 25th 2010
ATL version 3.x
Eclipse version Helios
EMF version Any Helios-compatible version
Zip file
More info This bundle has been tested using the Eclipse Modeling bundle.

Stable builds

Build date October 15th, 2007
ATL version 2.0RC2
Eclipse version 3.3.0
EMF version 2.3.1
Zip file
AMW, AM3 and ATL compatibility This is the last version of AMW that is compatible with ATL2.x and AM3 plug-ins.

Build date March 30th, 2007
ATL version February 16, 2007
Eclipse version 3.2.1
EMF version 2.2.1
Zip file
More info This build is the last AMW build compatible with the ATL version compiled from the archived GMT CVS.
AMW, AM3 and ATL compatibility This version was tested using ATL and AM3 from February 16th.

Release date December 8, 2006
ATL version ATL 2006 (available in the CVS)
Eclipse version 3.2.1
EMF version 2.2.1
Zip file
More info New & Noteworthy
AMW, AM3 and ATL compatibility This version was tested using ATL and AM3 from December 7th.

Available plugins

There are 9 Model Weaver plug-ins:

  • Model Weaver Core - org.eclipse.weaver
  • Model Weaver Base Extension - org.eclipse.weaver.extension
  • Transformation extensions - org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.transformation: contains an extension with a weaving adapted to execute model transformations
  • Matching transformations - org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.transformation.extension: contains a set of transformations that are integrated with the weaver workbench. These transformations can be executed direclty from the main editor
  • Match extensions - org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.matchextensions: contains a set of metamodel extensions used for model matching and comparison (available on the development build)
  • Model Handler - org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.amw4atl: contains a AMW model handler for ATL. It enables a better integration between ATL and AMW (available on the development build)
  • Easy development of ATL transformations - org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.qatl: enables to create ATL transformations using the AMW graphical interface (available on the development build)

  • Model Weaver User Guide - org.eclipse.weaver.doc.user (now available online)
  • Model Weaver Developper Guide - org.eclipse.weaver.doc.developer (now available online)
The two first plug-ins must be installed for the standard use.
The old plug-in org.eclipse.weaver.transformation was replaced by org.eclipse.gmt.weaver.transformation.extension. org.eclipse.weaver.transformation must be deleted.

Installation instructions

  • Download Eclipse. Unzip eclipse zip file, this will create an eclipse folder with every Eclipse files in it.
  • Download EMF. Unzip emf zip file from the same directory (it also contains an eclipse folder, with the EMF additional files to Eclipse SDK).
  • Download and install the ATL plugins
  • To be able to use the Ant scripts from the examples, it is also necessary to download and install the AM3 plugins
  • Download and unzip into your eclipse plugin folder, then restart Eclipse.

Installation from the sources

  • Install Eclipse and EMF.
  • Install the ATL and AM3 binaries, or build them from the sources (instructions here).
  • Check out the AMW projects from the CVS.
Remark: Building all the plugins (AMW, AM3 and ATL) from the sources diminishes the risk of version incompatibilities.

Archived versions

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