Basic Key Commands

Browser Control

Control + O
Open new page. A dialog will be shown to input the URL for the new page.
Reload the page.
Alt + Right Arrow
Move forward in the browser history.
Alt + Left Arrow
Move backward in the browser history.
Alt + D
Focus on the address input field.
Announce the current status.

Navigate functions

Down Arrow
Select next item and read it.
Up Arrow
Select previout item and read it.
Alt + Down Arrow
Read all items from current selected item to last item.
Return key or Space key
Click on the selected item, select a checkbox or radio button , open a dialog to edit text input, or select a combobox.
Stop speech.
Perform analyze current content. Please try this key if you can't access Flash content or can't control multimedia content.
Control + Alt + A
Toggle the audio description function on or off.
Home or Control + Home
Jump to the top of a page.
H or Right Arrow
Go to the next heading.
Go to the next link.
Go to the next non-link text item.

Multimedia Control

Control + P
Play video and audio.
Control + S
Stop video and audio.
Pause video and audio.
Control + M
Mute volume.
Control + J
Decrease volume.
Control + K
Increase volume.