Although each volume can be adjusted, play, stop, or pause does not work property.
We found multimedia Flash content sometimes does not accept play, stop, or pause but allows volume control. It depends on the implementation of the Flash content, and often arises in the content that plays only sound with no video.
Even though you decrease the volume or stop the media, the volume gets increased or the media is played by itself.
By the scripts in the content, the volume or the media state might be automatically controlled. In such a case, control by the aiBrowser will be overridden by the scripts.
Can not access to Flash content.
  1. Please press "F4" to let aiBrowser analyze the content.
  2. If the situation will not become well, please clear cache file by selecting menu "File -> Clear Internet Cache."
  3. If the problem still remain, it might be Flash version 9. Current aiBrowser cannot handle the version 9 content.
Can not input some keys such as "o", "h" in address text input form.
Check aiBrowser status in right under corner, or press "S" to listen status.
If the status is "[Tree Navigation]" then please type "Alt + D" to change status to "[Form Input]."
Can not input some keys such as "o", "h" in HTML input form.
If you want to input some text into HTML input form, select the item using cursor up and down, or "F" to jump the form items, and press "Enter key".