OpenDocument Accessibility mode panel

OpenDocument Accessibility mode set up

Users can set up the OpenDocument Accessibility mode using this panel (Figure 1).

Figure 1. OpenDocument Accessibility preferences
To use OpenDocument Accessibility mode, please refer to the Installation Guide for aDesigner ODF Function first, then set up the feature according to the guide in the OpenDocument Accessibility mode panel.

OpenDocument Format Checker Setting

Users can change the OpenDocument Format checker settings using this panel (Figure 2). Some editors do not save the correct ODF version information in the files. If this option is selected, aDesigner automatically detects the correct version by examining the ODF file content, and checks the accessibility as the file is created in the detected ODF version. 2.3.0 and IBM Lotus® SymphonyTM Beta 1 use ODF 1.1 functions, but the version of the saved ODF files is 1.0. When checking files created by these editors, please select this option.

Figure 2. OpenDocument Format checker settings panel

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