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What's new in Xtext 2.3 M6

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Xtext 2.3 M6 offers a lot of new features and improvements. All in all, over 120 bug reports and feature requests have been solved since Xtext 2.2. Here is a summary of the most significant enhancements:

Debug Support

Xtext now supports debugging of DSLs if you generate Java code from your language. It uses Java's Debugging Support for Other Languages (JSR-045) to allow to set breakpoints in your language and step through the implementation. All you need to do is to provide the mapping information between your DSL files and the generated Java code. This will happen automatically if you use the Xbase infrastructure for your language implementation.

Hover Improvements

The hover for Xbase languages now renders the fully resolved signature of the referenced Java method, constructor or field. Also the JavaDoc is rendered correctly just like Eclipse JDT does it for Java.

Semantic highlighting of expressions

Expressions that are built on top of the Xbase library now provide nice syntax coloring to indicate whether a feature call refers to an imported extension function, static or instance methods or fields.

Spell Checking

Spell checking is now available for all languages by default. It checks the contents of string literals and comments. You can even use quick fixes to correct spelling mistakes.

Improved Problem Markers

The problems view shows more information about the type of a warning or error. All languages now define their own marker types thus they can act independently from each other and show more reliable indicators about available quickfixes.

Call Hierarchy View

For languages that utilize Xbase and support the concept of method calls, Xtext does now integrate with the JDT's Call Hierarchy View.

Type Hierarchy View

For languages that utilize Xbase and support the concept of inheritance, Xtext does now integrate with the JDT's Type Hierarchy View.

Xbase Compiler Improvements

To make the generated Java code even more readable, the compiler can now inline certain operations. As a result the generated Java code is more idiomatic and therefore easier to understand. Also some superfluous statements have been removed to make it more concise.

Xbase Number Literals

Fearless arithmetics with big numbers: Xbase now has comprehensive support for number literals. This includes most of the things you can do in Java, and in addition it has first class support for BigDecimal and BigInteger (including overloaded arithmetic operators).

new BigDecimal("6.1").subtract(
       new BigDecimal("0.755").multiply(BigDecimal.valueOf(3L)))

In Xbase you can use literals and operators :

6.1bd - 0.755bd * 3bd
Xtend moved to Tools

Xtend has moved to its own project under the umbrella of It now has it's own new & noteworthy document.